• LCD/DLP Projectors
  • Plasma/LCD T.V.
  • Indoor & Outdoor LED Screens
  • High Quality P.A. System / Sound System
  • All type of Display Boards
  • Solar Products
  • Confernce System
  • Visualiser
  • White/Green Chalk Board
  • All type of projection Scrreens
  • Interative Board
  • Stage Light
  • Audio Video Trolley
  • Kramer Switchers
Yash Engineering Sales
We are Authorised distributors of various companies eg:Sharp Pvt Ltd for Projectors,
LCD Monitors, Ray Display Systems Pvt Ltd for White/Green Boards and Display Boards,
Ahuja for Sound and Conference Systems, Cable for Gigatronics and so on...

We specialist in undertaking Turnkey AV Integration for conference room and boardrooms. We believe that "God is in details". This detailing helps us in creating world-class conference room and boardrooms with facilities that are impressive, technology that is leading edeg, aesthetics that is mind blowing and service that offers Total peace of mind. We have tie ups with world leaders in every sphere of conference rooms solutions so that you get the world best facility under one roof.

A projection system forms the heart of any conference room or boardroom. With the widest range, there is always one that will suit your requirement. These superior projectors are mounted on motorized ceiling mounted lifts from screen that come down for projection only during presentations and at other time are concealed to get with the aesthetics.

We provide visualizers for projecting document, transparencies and 3D objects. We have the lighting contro system, Switching between various computers and Video Sources

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