Outdoors Screens
  • Stadium, sport events, Perimeter Display
  • Marriages/Reception
  • Religious Events
  • Music Concerts
  • Film and award functions
  • Political Rallies
  • Public Information Displays
  • Meeting/Events of hugh public gathering
Indoor Screen
  • Back-drop displays for TV Reality Shows
  • Fashion show & Exhibition stalls
  • Shopping Malls
  • Airports
  • Products Launches
  • Indoor Parties/functions
Mobile Screens
  • Mobile Advertisements/ Road shows
  • Political rallies, elections etc
  • Immediate and temporary requirements of large public gatherings
Yash LED Technology Pvt. Ltd

Indoor LED display screens are based on SMD technology. Indoor screens are available in 6mm pixel pitch which delivers unequalled bright image quality with incredible resolution and seamless scalability from a short distance. Powerful image processing ensures colour depth at lower brightness levels. Automatic Intensity control feature enables the display to deliver the picture, adjusted to to ambient light, which provides stain free viewing at all times

Outdoor LED display is made of 2 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue oval/round shape LEDs. Our modular design can be built into any size. Weather proof cabinets are IP-65 from front and IP-45 from rear. Software controlled contrast and brightness of up to 8000 nits overcomes harsh lighting conditions, even direct sunlight . Outdoor LED screens are suitable for long viewing distance from 15m-100m however it may also be used for large indoor venue applications. thick metal-plate connectors and special coating process ensures more than 5 year life

  • High led module brightness of 2000 Nits
  • Large viewing angle of 140 degree in both Horizontal and vertical directions
  • High Refresh rate and screen resolution
  • Modular design, flexible size for big area
  • High luminous efficacy, energy-saving

The Mobile LED screen in more than just a truck carrying a LED wall. This totally self contained show truck can also be a travelling TV studio with full production capabilities and comes equipped with close range sound system with minimun setup time. It has on-board power generator for independent operations as well.

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